Jane, Grace, and Emily

opening Friday, Dec. 9th 6-8PM
installed through Jan. 22nd 

Lauren Anderson and I will activate the painting installation through the show's duration. The gallery will host a screening of the animation we make along with other shorts on Sat., Jan. 14th. 

text for the show: 

When I make up characters it reminds me that I’m multi-layered, scattered, many. When I give a thing a name or call it part of my making-vocabulary, it becomes distinct: a working component. One such being is the Lost Keychain I’ve featured in my last three plays.

A character is an eccentric; this feels like a suitable definition to have in the room. And there is that thing within people, good or bad character. Where and how does that work? It is relative and when articulated can only be semi-trusted.

Jane, Grace, and Emily are three characters in Lynne Tillman’s first novel Haunted Houses. Nora recommended it to me and I finished it the day this show was confirmed. It tells the stories of these three women growing up. Normal, nowhere (New York), cold and chewy. My grandma just stopped being able to walk. But at ninety-eight, she says she is ready. Re:her past, things were not good.

This show subscribes to non-linear living time. It is an exercise in time-based painting. The lights are seasonal - if anything, it is dark early now, often and overhead.


Housed in painting, I work with diverse materials: paint, canvas, found objects, paper, lighting gels, colored pencil, cardboard, wire. The pieces in this show commune to create a total-space - one looks through a plastic lighting gel, to a scene in a rectangle depicting a cardboard cutout. Parts talk to each other; it is a team effort.


I organized a performance evening in reaction to the works of Rosemary Mayer

Performance evening: Sunday Nov. 20th, 6PM
@ SOUTHFIRST GALLERY, 60 North 6th St. in brooklyn 

Elise Duryee-Browner will give a short topical speech.

Amanda Friedman will be uniquely activating one of Rosemary Mayer’s text pieces in “Turn Again”. The artists Phoebe d'Heurle, Brie Ruais, Linnea Vedder-Shults and Lizzie Wright will be performing in this piece. 

This event is organized in conjunction with the current gallery show: 
Rosemary Mayer
October 21 - December 11, 2016

Summer Anagram, NURTUREart

Curated by Marco Antonini 

A Play, "Keychain's Steam Dream", performance @ Essex Flowers 5/28

A part of the Essex Flowers Flower Festival 

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